Seattle judge throws book at repeat criminal, city attorney asks judge to resign

Pete Holmes vs McKenna screen grab PIXLR.jpg
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Anita Khandelwal, the director of the Department of Public Defense penned a letter to Judge Ed McKenna accusing him of disregarding his duty to act impartially and with integrity as a judge. KVI's John Carlson assess this disconnect about the lawlessness in Seattle. (photo: KOMO News)

Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, is calling for the resignation of municipal judge Ed McKenna after McKenna imposed an exceptional sentence on a repeat criminal offender, Francisco Calderon.

Holmes was joined by public defender Anita Khandelwal in demanding the resignation of Judge McKenna. The letter to McKenna can be read here.

According to KOMO News, Calderon, 55, has been convicted more than 70 times. He was in court in January for a sentencing hearing where McKenna presided.

“As a judge, I have a duty and responsibility to protect the citizens of Seattle and impose a sentence that I think is going to provide protection,” McKenna said in court. “I don't think this court is willing to risk having someone else assaulted.” McKenna imposed the sentence above what Pete Holmes office had suggested as part of the prosecution.

It appears McKenna did so because Calderon has been repeatedly charged with crimes, like an unprovoked assault for his most recent court appearance in January, convicted of crimes but then turned loose on the street instead of facing jail time.

Calderon also made it on a list of Seattle's 100 most prolific repeat offenders in the city.

KVI's John Carlson responded to Holmes letter saying, "Pete Holmes is upset, frankly, that he was embarrassed by McKenna in the Calderon affair. This judge (McKenna) is going to become a folk hero because of this complaint being leveled (by Holmes and Khandelwal) against him. And once again...the people are seeing this issue of homeless drug addiction and criminal behavior from homeless drug addicts completely differently, not only from the public defenders and the law school professors, but from the very man who was hired to prosecute lawbreaking. You wonder if Seattle is in the abyss? This is about as close as it gets."

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