Seattle Police Foundation raising money for drug sniffing K9 units

Seattle canine dog PIXLR.jpg
A private fundraising effort has begun by the Seattle Police Foundation to bring a drug sniffing K-9 unit (dog and training officer) to the city. (file photo: KOMO News)

KVI's John Carlson also serves on the board of the Seattle Police Foundation which is raising money to fund two narcotics sniffing K-9 officers. If you're interested in donating to the K-9 unit effort, click here. Right now, according to Seattle Police Assistant Chief, Deanna Nollette, the department doesn't have any drug sniffing K-9s. The private fundraising would provide for both the training of the dogs and the officers who handle the dogs.

Carlson notes that the Seattle Police Foundation raised money last year for protective eye-wear for officers who have laser pointer lights flashed at them by Black Bloc/Anti-fa/'Defund' activists during protests.

As Seattle's homeless drug addiction and repeat crime issues persist, the department is being hit with budget freezes or cuts by city politicians and therefore money for a K-9 unit from city treasury is not expected to be allocated.

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