Seattle's socialism experiment and the 2020 campaign

Seattle's lurch to the political left-wing with the past two incarnations of the city council has served as the northwest's unofficial laboratory for socialism experiments. Strangely, Seattle residents complain about the city's handling of repeat criminals, extensive crime, homelessness, housing affordability and traffic issues yet voters keep electing the same type of politicians to office. (photo: KOMO News)

Seattle has been incubating socialism that current presidential contender, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wants to showcase to the rest of America to convince people to vote for him over Pres. Donald Trump (and the Democrats other main presidential contender, Joe Biden).

Seattle political writer Chris Rufo tells KVI's John Carlson that Seattle's socialism experiment is being exported to Sanders campaign, "it seems like the overall strategy is to use the most progressive cities ( Seattle and San Francisco) as a testing ground. Getting legislation passed at a local level and then replicating it in other cities around the country and then trying to commercialize it nationally through the socialist movement in the Democratic Party."

The problem, Rufo points out to KVI, with this strategy for socialists like Sanders and his acolytes is that, "these policies that are being...promoted by Bernie Sanders are proving very popular within the national electorate even though if you look at the record and the outcomes of those policies in a city like Seattle its very hard to make the case that they're working."

Rufo calls it a glaring "disconnect" for voters supporting Sanders.

"Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, these are some of the most progressive cities in the United States. The political class (in these cities) is kind of constantly railing against economic inequality and yet as a result of their policies--and remember they have 100% control over these (progressive or socialist) places--these are some of the most unequal places in the world. California has the same Gini coefficient as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So in a way its odd because they're (socialist city council members) turning these cities into really their nightmares. Some of their worst fears and projections are coming true. "

Click the image above to hear John Carlson's interview with Christopher Rufo about Seattle's socialism laboratory.

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