Snohomish Co. officials admit lucrative vaccine incentives aren't working

(file photo: AP)

On the same day as Washington's first lottery drawing to reward vaccine recipients, Snohomish County public health officials admitted during a video press briefing--including the county's top elected leader, Executive Dave Sommers, pictured below--that financial incentives like lottery prizes and free college tuition are not resulting in more unvaccinated people getting vaccinated.

According to KOMO News, the lucrative vaccine incentives announced on June 3rd by Gov. Inslee are not prompting unvaccinated people in Snohomish County to get vaccinated. Meanwhile in Seattle, the city is closing one of its vaccination sites in West Seattle due to shrinking demand for the vaccination shot.

So vaccinated Washingtonians will have a chance to cash in on the prizes compiled by Gov. Inslee and the state lottery but those most likely to win were volunteering to receive the vaccination any way. It remains to be seen if the offer of lottery cash and other prize incentives fueled the acceptance of vaccination in Washington's other 38 counties.

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