Stopping the squeeze on kids lemonade stands in WA

A newly proposed bill in the Washington Legislature would halt restrictions on children's lemonade stands, to prevent them from being shut down by killjoy bureaucrats enforcing the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law. (photo: KOMO News)

Every year or two we hear or read about the story of a kids lemonade stand that gets shut down over government red-tape.

A State Rep. from Lynden WA, Luanne Van Wervan (R-42nd) is proposing a legislative bill to prevent those lemonade stand shut downs that violate the letter of the law.

KOMO's Brian Calvert reports that sometimes it's under the guise of a "health code violation" and sometimes "child labor laws" are cited. We've all head the stories of children's lemonade stands being shut down by an overzealous city or county official.

...which is why Washington State Representative Luanne Van Wervan has pre-filed house Bill 2232.

Her bill reads that no Washington county can adopt or enforce any rule keeping kids from selling lemonade on private property.

Perhaps you're smirking right now...thinking, really, this is such an issue will need to consider a state law? As it turns out, 34 states have rules on the books making childrens' lemonade stands against the law.

Van Wervan's bill protects anyone under the age of 18 selling non-alcoholic beverages on private property. They don't need permits, and they don't need the county's permission.

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