WA woman to lose daughter's custody in Saudi court ruling

Bethany Vierra poses for a picture kissing her daughter, Zaina. (photo: Myron and Kathi Vierra)

A clash of cultures is playing out inside a Saudi Arabian court room involving the divorce of a former Washington resident, 32-year-old Bethany Vierra.

According to CNN, Vierra lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter Zaina, on the grounds that she was too Western to raise the child well.

Her parents, living in Wenatchee, WA tell CNN they worry that they will lose both grand-daughter and daughter, as the window to appeal closes in Saudi Arabia.

"If Zaina can't leave, she won't leave," Bethany's mother Kathi tells CNN from their home in Wenatchee, Washington.

KVI's Kirby Wilbur discusses the story, including the cautionary tale about Sharia law which influences the case in Saudi Arabia. Listen to the segment about Vierra's Saudi court ruling by clicking the image above.

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