You're Invited: Celebrate Kirby's career with "KVI's Salute to Kirby Wilbur" virtual event

Celebrate "KVI's Salute to Kirby Wilbur" on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 to send Kirby off to Texas and his well-deserved retirement.

KVI's Kirby Wilbur is setting the headphones down and trading in a blue state for a red one.

After 20 combined years on our airwaves, 570 KVI's Kirby Wilbur is moving to the Lone Star State to embark on a well-earned retirement. You can watch Kirby make the announcement to his listeners live HERE.

"There is a point in everyone’s life when change comes. The Wilbur family has reached that point. I have decided not to attempt to renew my contract with KVI, and our family has reached the decision - myself, Trina, and our sons Nathan and Adam included - to move to Texas. I cannot thank my listeners enough for all of their support. I truly think of us as family, and the trust and faith they had in me is indeed awe-inspiring," said Kirby.

That being said, we can't let Kirby go without a party - a virtual party of course!

You're invited to celebrate Kirby's outstanding career as "KVI Salutes Kirby Wilbur" one final time.

The virtual event, sponsored by Northwest Safe, is FREE and will be held on Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30PM.

You can register HERE to join us. Registration is required to attend.

There will be many special surprises & special guests to help thank our Conservative talk radio legend. Don't miss your chance to say "Thank You" and to wish Kirby well on his next adventure.

Kirby's final show on 570 KVI will be on Wednesday, January 27th.

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