CarlsonCast March12--7am hour

Seattle restaurants are facing dire situations as customers disappear during the COVID-19 outbreak and economic downturn. KVI's John Carlson assess the story of two different restaurant ownership groups. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- flattening the COVID-19 infection curve in the US compared to Italy, economic relief plan announced by Pres. Trump last night, GUEST: Washington Federal CEO & President, Brent Beardall, unveils a plan to help Seattle area business hurt by sizeable downturn due to COVID-19, he says Cafe Ladro is reporting an increase in customers/business as people are intentionally trying to buy more amid news of the COVID-19 downturn,

of all the crazy COVID-19 news yesterday (Trump speech, NBA suspending season, Tom Hanks and wife test positive) Sarah Palin rapping to Sir Mix-A-Lot might be the craziest,

one Seattle restaurant owner talks about permanently closing the eatery because of COVID-19 and cancelling recent events like Emerald City Comicon, Q13's Brandi Kruse nails it about why Seattle business are hurting so badly with the COVID-19 downturn, KVI callers sound off on COVID-19 restrictions and related news.

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