LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April1--7am hour

Unaccompanied minors from Central America caught and detained at a US facility in Donna, Texas could be headed to Renton WA and the foreign nationals coming to a Renton non-profit's housing complex will wind up displacing at least one foster family, according to KVI host John Carlson's interview with State Rep. Michele Caldier (R-Port Orchard). (photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- the KVI interview with the Redmond WA lawmaker who wants drug possession to remain legal after a ruling (the Blake Decision) by the State Supreme Court invalidated the state statute on illegal drug possession, the irony of Pres. Biden wanting to bring back a "Jim Crow relic" to pay for his just announced $2 trillion 'green infrastructure' American jobs bill, add this group to the Kennewick teachers speaking truth to power with the various teacher's unions.

GUEST: St. Rep. Michelle Caldier (R-Port Orchard) a Washington foster family is forced out of their house by a non-profit group to make room for children in US custody after being caught at the border, prioritizing foster children from Central America over American born foster children, consider the treatment of these foster children as all the left-wing Democrats are demanding eviction moratoriums and free attorneys in Seattle for renters to fight eviction!

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