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Inslee Phase 3 metrics PIXLR.jpg
Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, relaxed his own standards for Phase 3 opening during the pandemic when it appeared that several counties would be forced to return to Phase 2 due to recent increases in COVID infections. KVI's John Carlson addresses Inslee's abrupt change of mind. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- the disparate paths of TX lifting its mask mandate and having COVID infections drop as MI infections spike and the state requires mask wearing, meanwhile in WA...Gov. Science rolls back the metrics, is this his admission that his metrics were too strong all along?

King Co.'s top Public Health official says the (Phase 2 and 3) "metrics are arbitrary", #taxapalooza defines the WA Legislature right now, GUEST: Olympia Legislative watch-dog and co-founder of, Randy Pepple, says Democrats want to impose a collective 65-cents a gallon in tax increases on gasoline right now, it would effectively double the gas tax in WA, notice how the news media have devoted coverage of a suburban Minneapolis fatal police shooting to speaking to protesters who don't know what happened with the shooting.

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