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Hideki Matsuyama, left, celebrates with his caddy as he makes history by winning The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. Matsuyama is the first Japanese player to win the most prestigious golf tourney in America.{ } (photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- quadruple shooting in Seattle spurs several questions after one of the wounded is a 2-year-old girl now in critical condition, several of the shooting suspects remain at large and SPD says no insight so far on a motive, a "reckoning is due for Seattle's dark side" on Asian hate crimes writes Seattle Times columnist, confronting the recurring cases of Black suspects accused in anti-Asian hate crimes, golf's new Master's Champion sends Japan into massive celebration, Iowa's governor tees off on Biden for border security problems, the most bizarre night yet of street car racing in Seattle occurs in the U-District.

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