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HBO host, Bill Maher, criticizes The Academy Awards for their recently released list of best picture nominees. The "Real Time" host noted how excessively depressing the subject matter is for all of the nominated films.{ } (file photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- GUEST: retired US Army Lt. Col. and strategic affairs analyst, Ralph Peters, assess the possibility of military attack between China and Taiwan and Russia and Ukraine, if military attack occurs in either location will the US intervene--either diplomatically or militarily, how China may under-estimate the response from other nations, how China and Taiwan's respective Air Forces match-up, another example of Seattle BLM activists trying to bully and intimidate local news media...

HBO's Bill Maher dismantles The Academy Awards over their latest best picture nominations, Maher asks 'why do progressives like to be so sad?', former NJ Governor calls out Pres. Biden for lying about his proposed $3 trillion 'infrastructure' spending bill.

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