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Chicago PD--Adam Toledo-chase Pixlr.jpg
Chicago Police body cam video shows the foot chase between an officer and a 13-year-old, Adam Toledo, who was running from the officer after being suspected of having a gun. The chase ended with the teen being shot and killed by the officer but a hand gun was found behind the fence where the 13-year-old stopped running. (photo:{ }Image via Civilian Office of Police Accountability)

6am hour -- mass shooting at Fed Ex building next to Indianapolis airport, COVID infection perspective for today as Pierce County (and 2 other counties) are forced back to Phase 2, a split second life or death decision by a Chicago Police officer is dominating news coverage this morning, a San Antonio cop praised for saving lives as the officer stops an armed gun man at the city's airport terminal, record breaking high temperature yesterday for SeaTac/Seattle, King County Councilman shares his story of addiction in effort to address dual crisis of pandemic isolation and local homeless drug addiction, a retired cop in Kirkland calls KVI because he used to work with the now indicted Minnesota officer, Kim Potter, and the retired cop says the traffic stop was flawed from the beginning because of where Daunte Wright was being handcuffed.

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