LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April16--8am hour

Health care policy analyst and economist, Sally Pipes, talks to KVI's John Carlson on this hour of the show about the new Medicare For All proposal by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). (photo: Associated Press)

8am hour -- WA lawmakers are considering a change in sentencing laws that just allowed a convicted murder in CA to be released last month and that released prisoner has just been arrested again for a new murder, Democrats in the WA Legislature seem to be intent on freeing so many convicted criminals, a KVI caller from a small town shares why he'll wait for a vaccination, Gov. Science exchanges his 2020 slogan "hunker down" for "take it outside"...

GUEST: health care policy analyst, Sally Pipes, explains he latest column about Sen. Bernie Sanders' proposal to lower the Medicare eligibility age, the $14,000 a year in hidden taxes that Canadian's pay to be on waiting lists for health care services, GUEST: Republican US Senate candidate from Pasco WA, Tiffany Smiley, talks about challenging 28 year incumbent Patty Murray, Smiley says that she pushed Murray to actually install reforms that helped military vets get medical help during the Trump presidency, the current US Senator that inspires Smiley, why Murray has been failing WA families, how Biden's border crisis could be a winning issue for Smiley vs. Murray.

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