LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April19--7am hour

Washington lawmakers in the Olympia Legislature have just passed the most aggressive law in the nation which will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2030--five years faster than similar laws in states like California. KVI's John Carlson interviews a guest from the Washington Policy Center, Todd Myers, who discusses whether or not electric vehicles (EVs) will actually be ready to replace all cars and trucks in 9 years. (AP file photo/Richard Vogel, File)

7am hour -- Jason Whitlock address his Twitter suspension from last week, Twitter's lame justification for blocking his account, we're now discovering that Indiana's "red flag" gun law(s) didn't prevent a 19yr old mass killer from legally buying 2 rifles before last week's Indianapolis/Fed Ex warehouse shooting, why Democrats appear to be handing Republicans several winning issues in the 2022 election, WA Legislature (ahem, Democrats) passes bill banning sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers, says Democrats pass these type of (enviro/climate) laws only to find out that future reality didn't meet their political expectations, so how much better can EV cars (battery range, sale price) get in the next 8-9 years? to make them the only new vehicles available for sale?, why the WA Legislature is acting without any scientific basis to install this law by 2030, "the arrogance of politicians believing they can predict the future".

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