LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April2--8am hour

With public health officials giving mixed messages about vaccinated people wearing masks in 2021, KVI's John Carlson interviews an ER doctor in Yakima, Raul Garcia, about the politics involved in public health.{ } (file photo: KOMO News){ }

8am hour -- the liberal double-talk about wearing masks or avoiding travel even if you've been inoculated, Kansas lawmakers push back on Democratic governor extending mask mandate, 13 months of Inslee emergency powers, NPR issues limp correction after posting a discredited line regarding Hunter Biden's laptop, the Bidens are now officially a bi-lingual gaffe machine...

so why are politicians and public health officials still telling vaccinated (COVID) people to wear a mask? GUEST: Yakima WA emergency room doctor, Raul Garcia, addresses the mixed messages about vaccinations and masks, Garcia addresses the current COVID increases in WA but says ERs aren't seeing an influx of COVID+ patients (i.e. current cases are mild, not acute),

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