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Auburn reinstates homeless ord PIXLR.jpg
The Auburn City Council voted 4-3 to reinstate an ordinance that allows homeless people camping on public property to be jailed and/or fined if they refuse to accept the city's offer of shelter. KVI's John Carlson reviews what changed in Auburn during the last year that prompted the city council to re-authorize the law which they previously repealed. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- a territorial battle is emerging over homelessness and suburban King County cities (like Redmond, Kent and Auburn), Auburn's mayor is pushing back against the Seattle-centric King County Regional Housing Authority, Auburn has just voted to reinstate a city ordinance allowing fines or jail time for homeless who refuse the city's offer of shelter, Bide Administration orders an end to the term "illegal alien" and some others by immigration officials,

a Seattle mayoral candidate issued an ultimatum to other candidates in the field to "defund or drop out", that Seattle political candidate struggles to answer a basic question about defunding police when asked by KVI's John Carlson,

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