LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April21--8am hour

Critical Race Theory.png
KVI's John Carlson unveils a new audio recording of a high profile private school director admitting that "anti-racism" curriculum/orthodoxy being presented in schools to students and faculty is{ }‚Äúdemonizing white people for being born". (graphic: Wikicommons)

8am hour -- Biden's first public comments about guilty verdict, anti-racism and the concept of disparity/disproportionality, realize America is the most successful multi-racial and integrated country ever--a fact that doesn't get celebrated, a phone recording has emerged of a high profile NYC private school director admitting that 'anti-racism' orthodoxy is about "demonizing" white people/white students in the name of equity, WA needs to adopt this anti-rioting law that Florida just approved, Seattle and Olympia are destined for more of the same protests without a law like Florida's, RIP to two notable Democratic Party politicians--one national and one local.

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