LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April22--8am hour

No Blue Angeles or hydroplanes for 2021 Seafair in Seattle. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- utter "dismay" at the "repulsive" substantiations for a black teenager ostensibly about to stab another black teenager in Columbus OH, the omissions and partial reporting about the knife in most news stories involving the fatal OH police shooting, the excuses about a police officer opening fire during a "knife fight", the 911 call in the OH case clearly showed verbal hostilities at the house and someone on the 911 call mentions a knife, some responses to the LeBron James tweet that was deleted and replaced regarding the OH police shooting,.

mask etiquette vs. mask "culture"--especially outdoors, listen to the African-American man who is Columbus OH Public Safety Director assessing the fatal police officer shooting of a teenage girl with a stabbing, GUEST: KVI's Mark Christopher laments and examines cancellation of Sea Fair hydros and Blue Angels air show this summer, Christopher reports Moses Lake will hold an air show this summer as Seattle cancels, a KVI caller disagrees with Carlson about mask wearing.

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