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A King County judge decides later today if a recall petition against all five Northshore School Board members can proceed after a group of over 1000 parents grew frustrated with the district's slow and limited return to in-class learning for students. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- producer Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson -- your first chance to win $500 today, how WA Democrats and Gov. Jay Inslee just made states like Nevada more appealing to start-ups and investors, GUEST: Northshore School District parent, Dominique France, joins KVI to explain her group's effort to recall the entire school board, France and a group of about 1000 parents are asking a King Co. judge to allow a recall petition against 5 school board members to go forward, the judge releases a ruling later today if the recall petition can go forward; a Seattle mom perfectly describes school district's failure to move homeless campers off of a K-8 school property, a good news story about how artist Andy Warhol influenced what might be the most unique skate board park in WA, GUEST: KVI's new afternoon talk show host, Ari Hoffman, shares his focus and motivation about local politics, why conservatives need to get involved to push back against Seattle's socialists, the failure to investigate Gov. Inslee over COVID positive nursing home patients with Medicaid money.

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