LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April27--6am hour

Travis Pastrana KVI 594 PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson (left) and long-time talk show colleague, Kirby Wilbur (right), pictured here in 2017 with stunt rider extraordinaire Travis Pastrana, reunited over the weekend in Texas. Carlson shares his weekend Texas visit stories on this hour of the show. (photo: KVI Staff)

6am hour -- another example of news media (ABC News this time) mis-portraying what occurred in a fatal police shooting, the new state law regarding high school's using Native Americans as mascots, the KVI Kirby Wilbur in Texas Update, some important observations and comparisons from Texas to Puget Sound, Tik Tok video of a young man trolling police officers goes viral when police officer verbally burns the heckling man recording the video, new census data means several Democratic states (like NY, CA and Illinois) are all losing Congressional representation to more conservative (Sun Belt) states, GUEST : St. Sen. Mark Schoesler lists some losers (and winners) of the just completed WA Legislative session, Gov. Jay Inslee makes astonishingly false statement about new capital gains tax and Republicans, back in December Inslee suggested far lower thresholds for capital gains tax than what Democrats finally passes ($250,000 minimum now compared to $50,000 min. that Inslee wanted), how the political left is getting more sophisticated about imposing fees and taxes.

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