LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April27--7am hour

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COVID infections are up in big numbers across Washington, but KVI's John Carlson interviews emergency room doctor, Raul Garcia M.D., who says other COVID stats tell a more important story about the current wave. (photo: Associated Press){ }

7am hour -- congratulations to KVI's newest talk show host: Ari Hoffman!, new polling says a growing amount of Millennials want to abolish (not just defund) police, the talk show host boldly pushing back against naiive Millennials, the Oscar Awards telecast tops last year by getting even worse ratings than last year's all-time worst rating(s), will this finally be a wake-up call, a high school track athlete's finish line collapse in Bend OR prompts the state's sports health officials to end mask mandate for some athletes,

GUEST: Yakima hospital ER doctor, Raul Garcia M.D. assess latest reports that younger people are getting hospitalized with COVID, Whitman Co. COVID rates are up but the local hospitalization rate is very low, the "avarice" coming out of WA Legislature.

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