LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April28--6am hour

seattle police_spd_patch_ KOMO 660.jpg
(photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- female employee refuses to serve a pair of Seattle Police officers at a chocolate shop, new survey from Seattle U. shows Seattleites like police a lot more than the Seattle city council would have you believe, most notable the Seattle U. survey says Black Seattleites have a more positive view of SPD than whites do, the survey contacted 11K Seattle residents to arrive at these conclusions, Pres. Biden bad timing on $200 billion more for teachers, the first Black woman elected to Oregon's Legislature is angry at the destruction wrought in Portland by Antifa, WA Democrats decry anti-Asian hate crimes and call press conferences but balk when it comes to honoring Asian history in WA, GUEST: director of Washington Asians For Equality, Linda Yang, tells KVI the sordid tale behind this hypocrisy that just occurred in the WA Legislature; the Boeing 747 global supertanker may not fight any more US wildfires.

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