LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April28--7am hour

As Seattle homeless problems persist, KVI's John Carlson interviews a candidate for Seattle City Attorney, Steve Fortney, who is challenging incumbent city attorney, Pete Holmes. A homeless camp in SoDo area near a freeway overpass is pictured here. (FILE Photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- an important point about last week's US Senate vote on anti-Asian hate legislation, every Democrat voted no on an Amendment offered by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, the only victory for conservatives during the WA Legislative session was the defeat of an estate tax, GUEST: Dick Patten Pres. American Business Defense Council, the National Black Chamber of Commerce is opposed to higher estate taxes, Patten says no taxation without respiration!, 17 dead people voted in King County in last November's general election...

GUEST: Seattle City Attorney candidate, Steve Fortney is challenging incumbent Pete Holmes; Fortney says somebody needs to "step up" to serve Seattle because residents aren't being served by Holmes, Fortney has worked for a federal judge in Seattle before working for Microsoft, the "new guard" versus the "old guard" in Seattle is incompatible with a vibrant city, the social compact of living in a (more) dense city and what happens when a down-on-their-luck person comes to Seattle to panhandle or receive services, Fortney actually supplies a worthy answer to the $640 million question in Seattle: what do you do with the homeless drug addict who doesn't want to go to shelter and abide by rules to stay clean/sober?, says Kentucky has a successful program that Seattle doesn't to deal with chronic drug addicts.

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