LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April28--8am hour

Was this 21st century Seattle mayor the root cause of the city's current homeless, repeat criminal, drug addiction, public safety, traffic congestion, CHOP Zone, political dysfunction? KVI's John Carlson theorizes that the mayor Greg Nickels election put the city on a downhill slide that just doesn't seem to end. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- some reaction to the Seattle City Attorney candidate interview last hour, why the candidate should get to know one of Seattle's prior city attorneys, how the Seattle mayoral election of Greg Nickels was the watershed moment that sent the city (and region) into descent, a notable Seattle politician complains about transactional politics and the irony isn't lost on KVI, the vaccine/double-mask lunacy of an MSNBC show host vs. the logic of a former Planned Parenthood president, KVI's Ari Hoffman breaks a story about discrimination against police in Seattle, new stats show police are a lot more popular in Seattle than they're being treated by the Seattle City Council and the council's cronies, why WA is listed as the worst place for people to die and what the WA Legislature almost did to cement the state's status at the top of that list.

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