LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April29--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson reviews an exclusive report from investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, that{ }focus on separating rumor from fact on Covid-19's origin.{ } { }FILE - 2012, file photo, U.S. and Chinese national flags are hung outside a hotel during the U.S. Presidential election event, organized by the U.S. embassy in Beijing. (AP Photo/Andy Wong, File)

7am hour -- Congressional members wore masks during Biden's speech last night with 25-30% capacity meanwhile people are flying on airplanes shoulder to shoulder, the best speech in DC last night came from Sen. Tim Scott, why Sen. Scott scares Democrats, Scott points out that Democrats used the filibuster (which they know claim to want to abolish) to block his police reform bill, activists use pigs and a different ACAB phrase to protest at the house of the Pierce County Sheriff, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson's exclusive report on China and COVID leaking from a Chinese (Wuhan) lab, why speaking out about China can come with career ending repercussions, two lawsuits have been filed over WA Democrats passage of capital gains tax in the Olympia Legislature.

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