LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April30--6am hour

Day Two of the 'The Democrats vs. Tim Scott' continues on this hour of The Commute With Carlson. Pictured here giving the Republican response to this week's Pres. Biden joint address to Congress, Scott is a U.S. Senator from South Carolina. (photo: ABC News)

6am hour -- more evidence that Republican Sen. Tim Scott has really rattled Democrats with his on-point rebuttal to Pres. Biden's big speech this week, even VP had to admit she agreed with Scott's "America is not a racist country" conclusion, Seattle is now a majority-renter city so what does this mean for Seattle/King County's reliance on property tax levies?, rebutting the Democrats who are criticizing Tim Scott's speech, it appears that these Democrats suffer from short-term memory loss regarding an up and coming Barack Obama, the backstory to John Carlson's career in news and politics, Seattle being sued after 19 yr old man was murdered in CHOP last summer, the suit will hinge on the anti-police hostility of CHOP occupants and how it impacted first-responders (medics and police).

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