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Parents in the Bellevue School District are demanding answers from the Superintendent after transparency questions emerged following the abrupt ending of allowing police officers known as School Resource Officers on campus. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Bellevue School District abruptly ends use of School Resource Officers (SROs), there are no known complaints about the SROs, Bellevue parents are upset and blaming anti-police political correctness, transparency questions abound within the Bellevue SD, the Bellevue Superintendent appears to be bending to the loudest (mob) voices not the largest constituency of parents; Arizona parents push back on school board that didn't want to rescind a student mask-mandate,

an NFL 1st round draft pick's personal motto dazzles the KVI morning show crew, Pres. Biden and VP Harris both forced to admit that Sen. Tim Scott is correct about America and racism, GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson explains her exclusive report regarding more medical/health experts indicating they see evidence that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab, not a virus that mutated from animal to human in a wet market.

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