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Donnitta Sinclair, left, mother of Lorenzo Anderson, who was killed by gunfire in Seattle's CHOP zone in June 2020 has now officially filed a lawsuit against the city for her son's death. Pictured here in 2020, Sinclair{ } stands with her husband Jovia Martin. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

8am hour -- your first of three chances today to win $500 on KVI, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, says Pres. Biden joins The Oscars in the low-rating category, how Republican Senator Tim Scott outshined Biden this week, a newly released Netflix movie that sums up the current socio-political atmosphere; FLOTUS fails American school kids with her answer about in-class learning,

mother of 19 yr old Seattle man sues Seattle for her son's fatal shooting at CHOP last summer, GUEST: attorney, Mark Lindquist, says part of his case is the city's abandonment of the East (police) Precinct last summer, the 'no-cop' rhetoric of the CHOP organizers will also be pivotal in the case, the murder suspect has been charged but is still on the lam, two more Seattle shootings last night--one outside the iconic Ezell's Chicken and another at a north Seattle spot known for homelessness, suspects in both Seattle shootings last night are still on the loose, another nail in the coffin of local journalism with today's final printing of the West Seattle Herald, how the Herald's ownership once peaked with several neighborhood papers and 400 employees.

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