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WASHINGTON — A man rammed a car into two Capitol Police officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol on , Friday, April 2, 2021{ } before being shot to death by authorities when he got out of the vehicle while holding what appeared to be a knife, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press. The deceased 25-year-old man had posted his support of Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan on social media.{ } (Photo: ABC News)

7am hour -- an alleged attacker and a Capitol Police officer both dead after a car rams a barricade outside US Capitol last Friday, what does the Republican Party do after the Trump presidency?, what one young Indiana Republican Congressman suggests about being the party of working class voters, the reversal of prior trends among Republican and Democratic backers, documenting the double-talk of teacher's unions who have been actively resisting a return to the class room for in-class teaching, the 25 year old man who rammed his car into two US Capitol Police officers, fatally wounding one officer last Friday, the 25-year-old suspect has a history of publicly supporting an anti-Semitic Islamic leader, the news media double standard regarding coverage of January 6th US Capitol mob attack and last Friday's attack by 25-year-old suspect, Seattle Children's hospital reports sharp increase in kids admitted for suicide attempts in last few months, visits for emergency mental health up 31% at Children's.

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