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Parents in the Northshore School District around Bothell WA are filing a recall petition effort against all five school board members for failing to re-open schools for in-class learning. Woodinville resident, Jennifer Riley, is among the parents involved in the recall effort and she tells KVI that all five school board members had their campaigns heavily supported by the teacher's union. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: Woodinville resident, Northshore School District parent, Jennifer Riley, is joining other parents for a recall petition of all 5 Northshore School Board members over delays in returning students for in-class learning, she says all 5 school board members were backed heavily by the teacher's union in their campaigns, says two school board members are married to teachers, out of frustration she started a Facebook group page that now boasts 1200 people, the "infuriating" definition of what could constitute in-class learning.

Gov. Science tweets about Zag men's but not NCAA women's hoops games, a sealed 1986 Nintendo video game sold for $660,000 at auction this weekend, candid comments about race and American politics from outspoken NBA legend Charles Barkley, the growing string of lies that Democrats have been telling about Georgia's voter ID law, Olympia Legislative update: latest budget battle over Democrats trying to raise even more taxes. a 12% increase in spending.

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