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FILE - An Oct. 7, 2018, file photo,{ } of Sun Trust Park in Atlanta, which lost the 2021 All-Star Game when Major League Baseball decided to move the game to Denver's Coors Field over the league’s objection to Georgia’s{ } new voter ID law . (AP Photo/John Amis, File)

6am hour -- Baylor creams Gonzaga for men's hoops national title, MLB steals All-star game from Atlanta (Georgia) and moves it to Denver, the irony of MLB's All-star game switch over Georgia's new Voter ID law, in the name of defending black voters in Georgia this MLB decision moves the All-star game to a much whiter city/state,

Biden's press secretary refuses to rescind the lies POTUS has been saying about Georgia's new Voter ID law, GUEST: Affordable Fuel Washington &'s, Randy Pepple, says there are three big issues still to be addressed by the WA Legislature, money equals power in the Olympia Legislature.

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