LISTEN: John Carlson Show, April9--6am hour

Toy Uzi KVI sign PIXLR.jpg
KVI's Kirby Wilbur (left) and John Carlson reunite on today's show to discuss Texas ending its{ } statewide mask mandate and having its infection rates actually go down as Washington's go up despite a statewide mask mandate. Seen here in this undated file photo, Wilbur and Carlson pose with a toy Uzi machine gun. (photo: KVI Staff)

6am hour -- a theme for today's show: people who push back, let's start with the big rig truck driver who rammed a murder suspect fleeing police in a pick-up, a KVI listener tells a story of a confrontation inside a Seattle restaurant where customers were being accosted by a man inside and a police officer declined to do anything about based on the race of a person involved, Joe Biden Constitutional Law Expert, new polling shows how bad things are for people living in Chicago.

GUEST: KVI's Lone Star State Correspondent, from McKinney TX, Kirby Wilbur, how the Texas critics keep saying "give it another week" as they morbidly hope COVID cases go up in the state, consider Michigan's restrictions and continued high COVID rates, COVID cases are down 25% in TX over the last four weeks; ugly story of an Oregon union defying Supreme Court Janus ruling about union dues, the union leaders allegedly fraudulently signed documents to take union dues from the worker.

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