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A KVI listener e-mails an account of an unruly customer at a West Seattle restaurant that underscores how racial division is affecting on the street policing in Seattle. (photo:{ } KOMO News)

8am hour -- a KVI listener describes an encounter inside a West Seattle restaurant where a police officer declined to intercede in an unruly person badgering customers inside the eatery, why the officer cited the new 'de-escalation' law for not responding to the situation, KVI callers (including one who works in law-enforcement) ound off on the listener e-mail,

union vote is failing among Alabama Amazon (warehouse) workers and JUST IN: now the union pushing for unionization is vowing to sue based on the losing union vote,

more coverage and reaction to this failed union vote for an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, the union vote failed with a 70.8% "no" vote, hero big rig truck driver stops CA murder suspect after high-speed chase, hero track coach gets fired for suggesting that high school (track) athletes don't need to wear mask during events at meets, a KVI listener points out that parents aren't even allowed to attend high school track meets right now based on gathering restrictions (even though its an outside event).

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