LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.23--7am hour

In this photo provided by the U.S. Marine Corps, two civilians during processing through an Evacuee Control Checkpoint during an evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. (Staff Sgt. Victor Mancilla/U.S. Marine Corps via AP)

7am hour -- ABC News report staunchly refutes Biden Administration claims that things are under control in Afghanistan, added to that a White House reporter presses Biden on waning public opinion about Afghanistan, ISIS activity discovered in Afghanistan and ISIS and Taliban are not entirely friendly to each other, Gov. Jay Inslee's conflicting words about new mask mandate starting today, social justice warriors take umbrage with a Poulsbo WA church that schedules speaker opposing CRT, homeless campers are now preventing student athlete cross-country runners from practicing at a Seattle park, another example of the division over offering Seattle homeless a shelter space but the offer(s) being rejected, shelter space keeps going up but street homeless isn't appearing to go down, why there are 4 factors for this failure to decrease street homelessness.

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