LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.23--8am hour

In this KOMO News file photo, a Seattle Firefighter vaccinates an unidentified person for COVID-19. KVI's John Carlson examines a story about a female Seattle firefighter required to take the vaccine or lose her job but she is reluctant to get the vaccine in case it adversely impacts her ability to have children. She's 26-years-old and might be fired if she refuses the vaccine.{ }

8am hour -- a Sammamish WA 12-year-old pitches the first no-hitter in 41 years at the Little League World Series, a Seattle firefighter faces losing her job because she's not going to get a COVID vaccination, the female firefighter is 26 yrs old and says she's not anti-vaccine but she's worried about it impacting her ability to bear children, should she be fired for prioritizing her prospects for motherhood?, KVI callers sound off on the Seattle firefighter's story, one caller disagrees with the woman's decision and another caller asks why the ACLU isn't defending her right to choose for herself and her reproductivity.

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