LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.24--6am hour

COVID Libs cant give up lock down PIX.jpg
KVI's John Carlson examines more news stories that seem to overlook the basic fact that unvaccinated people are the ones incurring the latest wave of COVID infections. (photo credit: KOMO News, graphic created by KVI staff)

6am hour -- unusually cool weather hits Western AND Eastern WA, "we are (now) being asked to behave like we did before (COVID) vaccinations happened", among the vaccinated there are no major spikes in infections, news media inaccurately portraying that we are all at equal risk right now, the hysteria of the elites yet again, Biden calls for vaccine mandates by companies which could backfire with even more worker shortages than we already have, lock down in Australia is so bad it inspired this board game meme,

look at the paperwork required to get a religious exemption in WA to the COVID vaccine, scrutinizing the requirements of WA's paperwork to claim religious exemption , Biden has 24 hours to decide if he's extending US forces staying in Afghanistan to evacuate Americans.

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