LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.25--8am hour

The most popular Stone? KVI's John Carlson reports that its percussionist, Charlie Watts, who died yesterday at age 80 in London from un-announced causes. (file photo: Associated Press).

8am -- SCOTUS reinstates the Trump Administration "remain in Mexico" policy, the legal ruling is a rebuke to the Biden Administration, the pure idiocy of WA transportation tolling officials who just decided to hike bridge/tunnel toll rates, despite lots of public input opposing the toll hikes the WSTC approved increases, State Auditor Pat McCarthy report on shady deal by Seattle City Council to the Black Brilliance Project to the tune of $3 million in political patronage, Biden Administration vague/opaque answers about Afghanistan, the early years and musical start of self-taught Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, who died yesterday at age 80.

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