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Dr. Raul Garcia running for Governor 2020.jpg
Yakima emergency room doctor, Raul Garcia M.D. pictured here while on duty treating patients in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, talks to KVI's John Carlson for three segments to assess the latest COVID news, mandates and actual science going on right now. (file photo: KIMA TV)

7am hour -- GUEST: emergency room doctor, Raul Garcia, responds to a Seattle pediatrician this week who said parents should act as if their vaccinated household is not vaccinated to avoid COVID infection, why mask mandates for vaccinated people outdoors is political over-reach right now, inflation hits highest rate in America since 1991, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, tackles the inflation news and the US House passing a $3.5 trillion spending plan, more reports about Washingtonians upset with Inslee's Long Term Care payroll tax mandate, An Australian farmer goes viral with a drone camera video feeding his very large flock of sheep.

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