LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Aug.27--8am hour

Kabul airport bombing graphic  PIX.jpg

8am hour -- 170 civilians killed in Afghanistan airport bombing and 13 US military dead, the deadliest day in 10 years for the US in Afghanistan, the intellectual dishonesty of Pres. Biden on Afghanistan, Seattle guy hit by catalytic converter thief prompts a legit question from KVI's morning show producer, Fox News host ices NYC mayor for a post criticizing SCOTUS ruling on ending the moratorium on evictions, Seattle government employee unions warn of 'mass exodus' if vaccine mandate is enforced, the mysterious and confounding deaths of a CA family and their dog while on a day hike, no signs of foul play in the deaths of the couple and their toddler child, even family and neighbors are dumbfounded over the deaths, a Seattle city councilman seems to inadvertently make the identical case that King County councilman Reagan Dunn has been making for the county to take over control of City Hall Park, a 14-year-old and 17-year-old are arrested for shooting at each other in Seattle, so how did these teens illegally obtain their respective hand guns???

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