LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec21--8am hour

Issaquah schools re-open rally PIXLR.jpg
A student holds up a sign in Issaquah, WA that says, "All I Want for Christmas is School" during a rally with parents and children to re-open K-12 schools. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: Bellevue mom, organizing group calling for K-12 schools to re-open for in-class learning, Moya Skillman, talks about Saturday's 're-open schools rally' in Issaquah, why Tacoma schools are ready to bring students back to class room in 2 more weeks but Seattle schools won't be ready for 3 more months, this all comes down to vocal parents and the teacher unions, Gov. Inslee last week touted 'data' to open the schools that was originally compiled on Nov. 5th (so why did Inslee wait 5 weeks to proclaim its time to re-open schools?), DEVELOPING: out-going US AG Bill Barr will not appoint special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden e-mail situation, a Tacoma 'housing for all' group shows their ignorance in Friday publicity stunt and tweet,

GUEST: Yakima ER doctor, Raul Garcia M.D., rejoins the show to talk about a teacher's union objections to re-opening K-12 schools; the passing of a Seattle TV legend--Bob Newman--famous as the TV sidekick of Julius Pierpoint (J.P.) Patches, Newman portrayed "Gertrude" among other fantastical characters on the kids TV show.

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