LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Dec28--8am hour

Should a 'vaccine passport' be required in 2021 for eating out, boarding flights, travelling internationally and other group activities? KVI's Kirby Wilbur asks VP of Scientific Communications at the American Council on Science and Health , Dr. Alex Berezow, about this emerging proposal and how it impacts privacy concerns. (photo: ABC News)

8am hour -- Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson: the taxpayer funded $5 million loan under the Congressional PPP to a pro-sports franchise worth an estimated $650 million, the PPP loan story underscores the dilemma of taxpayer funded sports stadia, even on Christmas Day the city of Chicago can't avoid murderous shootings that dog the city, an electoral college idea to elect the WA governor.

GUEST: Dr. Alex Berezow "Real Science" segment talks about new report on the relatively low amount of COVID infections connected to Seattle homeless encampments and homeless people, a plan is floated to require a "COVID passport" if you want to travel internationally in 2021, the 'COVID passport' raises privacy questions, environmentalists suggesting people eat their Christmas tree instead of composting it.

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