LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.23--6am hour

As Washington lawmakers in Olympia try to add more firearm restrictions to the law books, one Western state is relaxing gun laws--including ending designation of gun-free zones. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- consider the gun-related legislative bills in WA and MT, MT has just abolished the designation of "gun free zones", the abolition will be a compelling test of soft-targets as places for mass shootings, an update on the Edmonds WA gun law that was passed by a city council who don't own any guns, Cherokee Indian Tribal chief tells Jeep to stop using name for its vaunted SUV.

GUEST: KVI's Texas Correspondent, Kirby Wilbur, addresses the power/water problems after once in a lifetime winter storm , the lack of winterization for electrical generation plants in Texas, preparation level was the culprit more than anything else in TX, the outdoor temperature in portions of TX was near 0 degrees for several days, compare the national media coverage of TX electrical grid to a 7-day power outtage for 100,000 customers around Portland OR; the disturbing story of an Oregon man registering a 0.77 BAC after being arrested for DUI.

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