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Q13 News screen grab about a group of Tacoma Public Schools staff orchestrating a "sick out" day today, Wed. Feb. 24th, 2021, to demand that teachers and staff not return for K-12 in-class learning until the entire city is completely vaccinated.{ }

6am hour -- Seattle's decline showing signs of accelerating not abating, Seattle's had a 48% drop in people moving in and a slight increase in people moving out of the city, now a software company led by a female CEO is leaving Seattle's Pioneer Square because of on-going public safety problems, a wheelchair bound woman tells Seattle TV station that homeless tents block her from moving down some sidewalks, yesterday Seattle police busted a drug ring run out of a homeless tent.

DEVELOPING: FDA says single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine is safe and ready for emergency use authorization, Tiger Woods vicious injury from SUV crash,

a group of Tacoma Schools staff and teachers is calling for a sick-out today and making an outrageous demand that continues to delay re-opening schools for students, WA is 47th in the nation for getting students back to in-class learning, eight states currently have 85% of students back in class for K-12 grades.

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