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An ABC News graphic for a story about reparations for descendants of American slaves. KVI's John Carlson interviews an author and DePaul University Professor, Jason D. Hill, who opposes reparations.{ }

7am hour -- GUEST: professor of philosophy at DePaul University, Jason D. Hill, pens compelling essay opposing reparations for descendants of American slaves, Hill is a Jamaican-born US immigrant and has a forthcoming book, “What Do White Americans Owe Black People: Racial Justice in the Age of Post-Oppression", Hill says that reparations have already occurred for black people based on federal welfare and affirmative action programs, how does Hill handle his critics who frame him as an Uncle Tom?, says reparations will turn Blacks into economic supplicants, Hill concludes that reparations would be terribly divisive if enacted, the liberal left's fixation on racial identity to create a new kind of managerial class with their political careers.

A fraud suspect in Tukwila WA jumps into swift moving Duwamish River to avoid police and hasn't been seen since, some common sense creeping into Seattle and San Francisco, policies that caused harm are now being re-thought, link Crosscut story, the story of a repeat criminal in Seattle with 77 arrests now charged for stealing $8000 out of a business's safe at Pike Place market, pushback grows on the school renaming political correctness in San Francisco, one renaming advocate is now facing a recall effort by voters, why hasn't this new statistic about WA K-12 schools been a front page/lead story in every city across the state?

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