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Seattle--2nd tent drug bust PIXLR.jpg
Seattle police found drugs and a large stash of weapons in a homeless tent one day after making a drug bust at another encampment in Pioneer Square, according to KOMO News.{ }

7am hour -- the newly selected CEO of the Sea/King County Regional Homeless Authority has abruptly decided not to take the post, the decision seems to crystalize the extreme difficulty in mobilizing Seattle politicians and bureaucrats in the same direction to resolve homeless problems, why the best thing for the Regional Homeless Authority right now is to dissolve, for the 2nd time in two days Seattle Police bust a sizeable drug ring inside a (homeless) tent on the street, if you ever collected sports trading cards as a kid ya gotta hear this story about "Top Shot", some of these digital sports trading cards are now selling for the price of a new car. A nice new car.

GUEST: Kshama Sawant recall petition campaign manager, Henry Bridger II, updates the process to recall the socialist city council member, when the signature gathering portion might begin and who's eligible to sign; some of Biden's cabinet nominees struggling to convince Senators to confirm them,

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