LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Feb.25--8am hour

Issaquah school re-open rally late FEB PIX.jpg
Two school age young people hold signs in Issaquah WA indicating there are no more excuses to be made and that K-12 schools should be re-opened for in-class learning as school teachers balk at returning to campus. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Issaquah WA parents rally to demand K-12 schools be re-opened for students, a suggestion for the Issaquah school teachers who don't want to return to in-class learning, WA ranks 47th right now in US states for returning K-12 students to in-class learning, so who's really looking out for student education between Republicans and Democrats?, progressive US Senator claims that people with college loan debt have been hit hardest by COVID, Federal judge denies Biden Administration's attempt to halt ICE deportations, the lack of media coverage on this judge's ruling against Biden Administration (compared to the news media saturation of a judge striking down Trump's legal fight over temporary immigration ban involving 7 majority Muslim countries), a Republican State Senator from Enumclaw calls the Democrats bluff on wanting to avoid "regressive" tax increases that hurt the poor the most.

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