LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Jan6--6am hour

Georgia US Senate candidate, Raphael Warnock (left), currently leads incumbent{ } Kelly Loeffler (right) by just over 14,700 votes. KVI's John Carlson spends the hour assessing what happened as both Republican candidates in Georgia currently trail their Democratic challengers.{ } (photo: ABC News)

6am -- the bitter disappointment with last night's Georgia run-off election results for 2 US Senate seats, how did this happen when both Democrats are to the political left of Joe Biden,

KVI callers sound off on what transpired in Georgia run-off election, a Trump supporter who predicted his 2016 victory has a theory about the Georgia run-off election results/Democrats winning, GUEST: the co-founder of, Randy Pepple, says voter turn-out was a factor for Democrats winning two Georgia US Senate seats, how did the negotiated COVID relief bill last month impact the Georgia run-off election?, the one Democratic US Senator that could be an ally for Republicans, how this impacts Kamala Harris possibly running for Pres. in 2024; KVI's Lars Larson is amazed that a US-hating candidate could win a statewide election in Georgia, 200,000 fewer Republicans voted yesterday in GA then in the 2020 Presidential election.

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