LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July13--7am hour

Texas voting rights battle heats up as state Democrats leave the state and charter a flight to Washington D.C. to protest an election reform bill written by the Republican majority in the state assembly in Austin. (photo: ABC News)

7am hour -- GUEST: KVI's Kirby Wilbur tracks the Texas political stunt by Democrats trying to block an election reform bill in that state, Kirby points out that Texas polling says only 27% of Texans support the Democrats for fleeing, the irony of Democrats who hate cars and blame humans and cars for climate change are complaining about ending drive-through voting in Texas, a new study says parental stability is a bigger predictor of adult psychopathy than childhood poverty, a suggested list of five small WA towns to visit in summer.

GUEST: National Review's John Fund points out that TX Democrats are also fleeing the state because of census redistricting that they're also trying to impede, Fund (a NY resident) assess why NYC's next mayor will be a sea change improvement over current mayor Bill DeBlasio, some Karl Marx vs Groucho Marx levity, some closing thoughts on NYC's "ranked choice" voting experiment, what is good about taking 1 month to count (ranked choice) votes in a city election (let alone a county, state or nation)?, Lake Stevens WA native, Chris Pratt, stars in fun new summer movie "The Tomorrow War" that takes some swipes at the UN and big government.

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