LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July14--6am hour

Washington Ferries struggles to maintain staffing levels so KVI's John Carlson examines what's leading to the worker shortage. (file photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- an examination of the latest WA ferry staffing problems that are leading to canceled sailings and frustrated customers, the wages for ferry workers are very generous so why is it so difficult to attract workers?, Renton WA man allegedly used sawed-off shotgun to murder 17-year-old in Bellevue movie parking lot according to charging papers, for all the (Congressional) Democrats angry over the filibuster they sure seem happy to support TX Democrats who fled the state effectively creating their own state level filibuster to halt an election reform bill, the WA Republican who called out Democrats for their double-standard on legislators walking out of the legislature, KVI caller shares insight about his time working for WA Ferries Dept., Pres. Biden vs. Texas Governor on voting rights and reform laws, KVI's Lars Larson tackles the latest twist in the missing text messages from 2020 between Seattle's mayor and former police chief.

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